Residential Lease Agreement For Apartment Or Unit In Multifamily Rental Housing

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This is a housing rental agreement for anyone looking for an apartment to rent. If you have tried to find an apartment, this is not the right form. It was designed only for tenants of apartment buildings. An apartment rental can be a condo, a mobile home or a cooperative, but never a duplex, a commercial, agricultural or other property. The purpose of this lease is to determine the rights and obligations of the lessor and tenants. It defines the conditions of use of the rented premises, for example. B who is responsible for repairs, what level of access to the premises is granted to the lessor, etc. Rental application – paperwork assigned to an interested party who wishes to be considered the tenant of a rented residence. The form gives the prospective tenant the opportunity to prove qualification for the rent and the landlord the basic information needed to make a decision on the applicant`s suitability.

Each party who signs this lease must keep an original of the document. This lease is signed for one year. At the end of this period, the lessor and all tenants of the premises will have to sign a new lease. 6 a.m. As provided by law, the owner makes the following disclosure: “RADON GAS”. Radon is a natural radioactive gas that, if accumulated in sufficient quantities in a building, can pose a health risk to people exposed to it over time. Radon levels exceeding federal and national guidelines have been found in buildings in Florida. For more information on radon and radon testing, consult your health unit. The rental agreement has been executed by the parties to the following data: Executed by the lessor in the presence of: Print Owner name Gina Coyle From: Signature of the lessor 2 Witness required for the lessor As: Date: Agent Executed by the tenant in the presence of: Signature of the tenant Print Rental name Date: Signature of the tenant Print Name of tenant Date: 2 Witnesses for each tenant this form was completed using the name: Address: Phone number. The Florida lease is a legal document that is introduced when exchanging rights related to the use of real estate. The conveyor (lessor) and the resident (tenant) must agree on the basic terms of the contract, such as rent, deposit and the duration of the lease. Certain provisions may be mentioned in the contract in order to adapt the agreement to the needs of both parties.

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