Not In Accordance With Agreement

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– participate in meetings, interviews and communications in Taiwan, Korea and the United States to discuss the prices of TFT LCD panels; – during these meetings, interviews and communications, agree to calculate the prices of TFT LCD panels at predede determined prices; – the establishment of price offers in accordance with the agreements concluded; and. In #2, the name “recommendations” is not the source of the statement “John is now training every day.” The recommendations don`t say, “John trains every day.” The recommendations recommended that Jean play sports every day. Here, the action of jeans (every sport day) is in line with the recommendations. Your action is in accordance with your doctor`s recommendations. However, when I read the first couple, B implies to me that the subject is not particularly in line with the rules, but that he complies with them to avoid trouble. A implies that it respects the rules and also approves them within the framework of its principles. By law, cyclists must wear a helmet. Modern American garner usage states that by means (1) “depends on”; (2) “as explained or reported by a person”; or (3) “in accordance with.” It is relatively often used in contracts to communicate the latter of these meanings, as in “Any dispute shall be resolved by arbitration in accordance with the procedures referred to in this Section 12.10.” So there are 240 contracts filed last week on the SEC.2a &2b`s EDGAR system. His behavior did not match his smile, nor did his behavior consult his smile, and then behaved accordingly, both fake.

For what`s worth it, most authors seem to agree with me: in accordance with the 990 treaties filed last week on the SEC`s EDGAR system. Note: If you use “after”, you can make the same sentence with the verb “to say”. = The fact that cyclists must wear a helmet is in accordance with the law. (The emphasis here is that wearing a helmet is in accordance with the law). The schedule did not say so. You have proposed it. So you can`t use it accordingly. However, if the schedule contains a plan stating that “March 2 meeting” is indicated, the proposal to meet on March 2 would be in line with the schedule. That would be on schedule. Agreement is a transitive verb that requires active consent, not a passive state of conformity with.

If it says “We have agreed” or “We agree”, it is an active consent a posteriori. However, I don`t see a significant difference in the second pair. “in agreement with” sounds a little strange to my ear, however, but that`s probably because I`ve never seen or heard anything that isn`t a document that is a prepositional phrase object “with the…” which is a part of “in agreement with”. Reader Doug asked me the difference, if any, between agreeing with and after. 2a. His behavior matched the smile on his face. 2b. His behavior matched the smile on his face. In accordance with the agreement, Hadī immediately took responsibility for the government and officially assumed the presidency after running as the sole candidate in a February 2012 presidential election. I have a question about “agree with” and “agree with”. Dictionaries think they are about equal.. .

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