Gym Independent Contractor Agreement

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Your independent contractual agreement with the gym should address issues related to insurance, staff compensation premiums and the effects of liability if one of your customers is breached by a fitness device. Do not assume that you are protected by gym insurance or that they assume responsibility for injuries for yourself or for one of your clients, even if such an injury occurs on your property. Let a lawyer look beyond any sub-contract or contract contract before signing it to make sure it is not unfavorable to you as an independent contractor. Campus Leisure Services Risk Recognition and keep the agreement harmless I recognize here that I have voluntarily chosen to use the facilities and participate in the activities of the campus rest department, including, but not… An independent contract agreement allows the parties to clarify their expectations before the start of their business relationship. The agreement alone can be enough to save the disagreements between a gym and a coach. The exact characterization of the relationship can never be a problem until there are conflicts in the relationship between the gym and the coach. However, in the event of disagreement or disagreement, each element of the coach`s work may be important in determining the coach`s relationship with the gym. In return, the coach can offer workouts at the gym. It is the coach who decides how to train his client.

The gym usually pays a trainer a flat fee for workouts. The gym can direct clients to the trainer. The agreement may allow the trainer to work in other places while training clients at the gym. An independent contracting contract consolidates the nature of the coach`s relationship with the gym. It is important to read them carefully to ensure that the agreement covers all important topics. It is important to note that an independent contractor may be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Typically, a confidentiality clause prevents an independent contractor from recruiting trainers to the gym where they have a contract and prevents a contractor from searching for the activities of gym clients for a period of time.