Carey Baptist Grammar School Enterprise Agreement

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Deb James, general secretary of the IUE`s Victoria and Tasmanian branch, said that some schools would “directly pass on the financial burden of stopping fees to staff.” Paul O`Shannassy, chief executive of Regent Consultancy, a company that advises parents on non-governmental schools, said most schools have achieved proactive and compassionate distance learning and the circumstances of families affected by the downturn, offering rate cuts and deferrals. But Independent Schools Victoria Chief Executive Michelle Green said the economic downturn has not led to a drop in non-government school enrolment. “Parents expect religious schools, especially Catholics, to show compassion in these situations because it is part of their ethics,” said O`Shannassy. She said the union would work with all independent schools that were struggling to stay viable if staff costs increased, but noted that others would have so far benefited from several years of surpluses. Parents, usually used to taking their children to parties, school events, sports games and plays, have had the opportunity to paint their belongings. There were parents from all the school departments, alumni and employees who simply enjoyed each other`s company under the Carey banner. It`s hard to grasp the imprimatur of a place, especially one that`s as big as Carey.” But this feeling of who we are, and the reason why the child is so well cared for in our village, was manifested in the collective passion of those who are at the gala. An earlier version of this story reported that Caulfield Grammar will increase its fees by 5.33 percent in 2021. It`s not true.

The school has frozen its fees for next year. Westbourne Grammar, which froze fees at 22,056 $US, failed in its attempt to amend an existing agreement with employees. “The small average increase in private school taxes would indicate that it has caused some shock to private schools in the wake of the COVID downturn and they are concerned about the loss of enrolment share,” said Dr. Rowe. Annette Rome, director of St Margaret`s and Berwick Grammar outside Melbourne, which froze fees, said schools were using “different data services” to determine where the biggest pay and employment successes were because of COVID-19. The pandemic temporarily halted the continued 5% annual increase in rates by independent Victorian schools, with an average increase of 0.28% or $86.65 for 2021. But some schools` move to freeze teachers` salaries has been criticized as unfair. Australia`s highest school, Geelong Grammar, has frozen senior year tuition fees at $42,792. Scotch College led to the freezing fee trend in May when it announced it was keeping them at 35,925 $US. Nine schools have announced that they will raise rates next year, only five of which are locked in over-inflation increases. Peter Robson Assistant Carey,We often talk about the value of the community – our “village” — and what it is like for people to feel attached to a school that is great. With a Kew and Donvale campus, a Toonallook property, a student population of 2380 and alumni of nearly 18,000, a challenge will always be to create privacy for individuals.

For students, this sense of belonging can be found through their outdoor educational program, as will many of our Grade 8 students currently in the Hattah program. “While full data are not available until well beyond next year, we do not hear of training indicating that normal enrolment patterns will change significantly in 2021,” she said. While the fee cap is certainly welcomed by parents, it has also led some schools to try to freeze staff salaries, which has been criticized by the Independent Education Union. But fairy-level schools, some of which have seen a sharp drop in incomes this year